The Banana Stand The Banana Stand


Hello again!
My name is The Banana Stand and I’m a photo booth disguised as a giant banana. I live in the great city of San Antonio, Texas. The photographer who created me might be slightly obsessed with Arrested Development.

Before I go into what it costs to have me at your party, let me give you some good tips as to why I’m better than others. (besides my obviously dashing good looks and fine yellow skin) Since the photographer, who I mentioned before, is an accomplished editorial and wedding photographer in San Antonio, he has taught me the secret skills of lighting and how to take the best photos. Other photo booths I have seen out there lack in these skills (and also my dashing good looks). For starters, I only use the top of the line Canon cameras and L series lenses to make sure you guys look just as good as me! For my lighting, I use a big soft box above my head that creates nice soft shadows and can even make that photographer I mentioned look good! And take it from me, that’s hard to do!

So, as you can probably already tell..I’m a pretty straight forward Banana. There are no hidden fees under these peels. Here’s what it takes to party with me!


–3 hours of coverage with 1 Banana Stand attendent
–Your choice of a standard backdrop (red curtains, grey vintage or white)
–Fun props for you and your guests
–Online gallery (for 1 year) uploaded within 2 business days
–Custom USB drive with all the high resolution files
–Additional hours at $150 per hour