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About Me

THEBananaStandMy name is the Banana Stand, and I’m a photo booth (disguised as a giant banana).
I live in the great city of San Antonio, Texas, and the photographer who created me might be slightly obsessed with Arrested Development.

First off, I cannot lie…because bananas don’t lie. I COME READY TO PARTY. After your event, I will post all the hilarious and amazing photos that YOU can take yourself with a remote to an online gallery for viewing, downloading, tweeting, banana-ing, facebooking, instagramming, tumbling, and any other “-ing” you can think of (please give me up to 2 business days to get those posted for you). In fact, just to make things easier, I’ll give a quick preview of the photo on a fancy iPad right in front of you. That way you can check yourself out and see how good you look!

IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, I ALSO (I know, I do everything) will make an amazing stop-motion video of all the photos from the night, which means you can basically re-live your party in 2 minutes or less. Since we’re friends now, I’ll admit that I do have a pretty good taste in music. I enjoy picking out the songs for the videos, but if you have something you love…I’m all ears (and also all banana). Finally, if you really want to take your party to the next level, let me create a custom background for you (or at least check out a few banana-tested backdrops that I’ve got available). When its all over, the photos will also come to you on a fancy custom USB drive.

I’m gonna stop now before I ramble on forever…Contact me and I will try to figure out how to respond to you (since, you know, I don’t have fingers)…maybe that photographer I mentioned earlier can get involved.