Similar to the elegant arches of a cathedral, this set of rings uses metal arches to hold the diamond or other gemstone. A popular engagement ring style is to mimic a tension style, but in fact the diamond or gemstone is placed in the band, usually as a bezel fit. Colored stone engagement rings cover a large number of ring styles that do not contain white diamonds. Look for classics like rubies, emeralds and sapphires, as well as more fashionable stones like tanzanite, morganite or grey diamonds.

Mode rings allow you to wear multiple rings on your fingers. Each finger can have its own ring and even multiple rings on a single finger. The goal with fashion rings is to design your hands and cover them with rings in a beautiful way. It is an extremely hot look among contemporary women and fashionistas. It’s not just about diamond “rings”, large diamond bands are a super attractive look.

This type of ring is very popular at the moment, but it can be difficult to find in jewelry stores. Vintage and antique rings can be a good place to look for a pillow cut, but be aware of who you’re buying from and make sure the ring is worth what you pay for it. A princess carving engagement ring has a stone that is cut into a square shape and has a pyramidal profile. This type of cut creates a bright appearance because it has more facets to allow the stone to capture and reflect more light. This type of cut is very popular as solitaire or in three stone rings.

Stackable rings give you the opportunity to create something totally unique with your wedding set. Theis and Schatner recommend starting with a wide band of solid gold or a diamond band, as they tend to go with everything, but your stack is entirely up to you. “What makes stacking great is that no two batteries are the solitaire cushion cut engagement ring same,” Schatner explains. “The uniqueness of the textures, stones and finishes… otherwise it is a row of rings that are all the same. Some variation in the stack is what makes it interesting. It’s like a good mixtape.” It is normally worn on the left ring finger and will be part of a wedding ensemble in the future.

Fashion rings are more for style purposes and just to have a cool ring. These are not large gemstones of investment quality, which makes diamond rings, gemstone rings and cocktail rings so expensive. Cocktail rings don’t have to be used solely to make a statement. They are becoming increasingly popular as engagement rings for couples looking for something unique and colorful.

A cluster that places “clusters” of stones close together to make them look like a large diamond. It can contain a larger central stone or group stones of equal size. Check out the photo above of an old style setting with small yellow gold milgrain ornaments around the round halo of bright diamonds and repeated on the stem. Check out our guide to the best places to buy a vintage/antique ring here. The pavĂ© setting, pronounced “pa-vay”, comes from the French word “to pave”, as in paved with diamonds. By placing small diamonds up close, along with minimal visibility of the small beads or metal ends that hold the stones in place, the effect is one of continuous brilliance.

These rings use a textured and “imperfect” mold to create a modern piece that still has a slightly old and steep feel. These rings are often inspired by nature and feature gemstones of unusual colors. If your other half told you they wanted an art deco cluster engagement ring, would you know what you’re looking for? Buying engagement rings can be daunting enough (it’s a lot of money and a lot of pressure, after all!) without adding a full glossary of terminology to the mix. This piece of jewelry usually has letters of design engraved on it. You will notice that this piece of jewelry has no top and has a standard width.

The three-stone ring is an engagement ring with three stones. Like past-present-future anniversary bands, these engagement rings hold the promise of being together for a long time. Couples like to choose this type of engagement ring for a little more meaning than agreeing to get married.

Really, a ring with an illusion stage is an elaborate and fascinating piece. Often the gemstones, with the help of stones cut by princesses, are placed next to each other and supported underneath to form an illusion of a larger stone. Inspired by the name “cluster”, this set of rings aims to produce an impressive piece of jewelry consisting of numerous smaller gemstones.