How To Take Care Of The Wooden Floors

This damage is permanent because the wooden floor finish is cracked; the wood is no longer protected.

However, the stone offers natural beauty and quality unparalleled in most types of floors. Hardwood floors come from a solid piece of ground wood and contain solid wood at all times. Due to its versatility and quality, it is a desirable floor option for many home buyers. Popular floor options include wood, designed floor materials, vinyl, tiles and rugs.

Luxury vinyl tile floors offer customers fantastic floor solutions in a variety of colors, styles and looks, often at a fraction of the price of real wood floors. Wondering what type of LVT floor is right for you, contact us to contact an apartment specialist by phone, in an exhibition Industrial floor rubber multi-utility space, or plan a design consultation at home. In addition to its timeless and versatile appearance, the wooden floor increases the value of a house more than any other floor material. In some cases, solid wood planks can last for a whole century, that is, if well maintained.

It occurs when the floor extends outside the expansion areas and literally moves away from the ground, up to a few centimeters. Once the moisture has fallen, the floor can shrink backwards, but you can see spaces between the wooden planks. One of the first advantages of buying from us is that we have the best names on hardwood floors.

Mopping fabric and regularly sweeping floors with a soft brush broom. Wash floors if necessary with a specially assembled wooden floor cleaner. Plan a professional cleaning every year for a complete and safe deep cleaning. Technical wooden floors offer the real wooden look at a more affordable price than solid wood. The floor has a thin layer of hard wood attached to a high-quality plywood substrate.